Livigno is an Italian resort with a fantastic European following. However of late Livigno has become as popular with skiers from Toronto as it is with those from London. As a duty free location Livigno offers a favorable price structure if you are buying electronic good, perfumes, liquor or the like. Hence it attracts mostly a young, budget conscious group of skiers and holidaymakers.
For skiers Livigno has excellent possibilities. Blessed with a more than adequate selection of skiable terrain, and if you forgive the almost total absence of what one might call real luxury five star hotels, Livigno has everything else one needs. There is an excellent choice of dining possibilities in some of the best and most reasonably priced restaurants in skidom. In fact the whole area offers a fun, laid back atmosphere. Livigno makes no claims to sophistication or airs about being a jet set destination. It is simply a good value, good fun, "lets do it" type of ski resort.
The duty free aspect is possibly the driving force in Livigno's character makeup. The reason it attracts the type of clientele it attracts. Good value in drinks, food, accommodation and skiing can lead to some pretty serious fun? What's not to like?
The facade of the village is changing rapidly, and where once we described it as long and narrow, now it seems to be growing in a more orderly manner. There are basically two main streets running through the valley, with shopping and skiing on both sides. Spread out along the two main streets are hotels, restaurants, shops (duty free) ski schools and more.

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